Be on tv

Meet The Maine

Meet All Time Low

Travel/Live to Greece

Travel to Egypt

Live in the South (for a bit, probably Georgia)

Be in a movie

Visit the Titanic

Meet Tim Lincecum

Write a book

Work at the Smithsonian

Learn as many languages as I can

Save a life

Kiss a stranger

Experience Zero Gravity

Meet Andy Samberg

Meet Brandon Belt He signed my ball and looked at me and smiled and waved, I think it counts

Get everyone on the Giants 2011 team to sign my baseball

Kiss a celebrity

go on a carriage ride through central park

watch the ball drop on new years

visit the Abbey Road crosswalk

see Ringo Starr in concert

see Paul McCartney in concert

Send a paper lantern up into the sky

Help plan a wedding

Go to Las Vegas

Go to Chicago

Go to Texas

Go to New Orleans

Own a colonial style house

Have a pool

Go to college

Have a walk in closet

Go to every US state

Live in NYC

Live in Washington D.C.

Go to an SNL show

Visit Macchu Picchu

Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Take a White House tour

Meet an important government person

Go to London

Go to Prom

Go to Area 51


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