Things I want to do before I die

Be on tv

Meet The Maine

Meet All Time Low

Travel/Live to Greece

Travel to Egypt

Live in the South (for a bit, probably Georgia)

Be in a movie

Visit the Titanic

Meet Tim Lincecum

Write a book

Work at the Smithsonian

Learn as many languages as I can

Save a life

Kiss a stranger

Experience Zero Gravity

Meet Seth Meyers

Meet Andy Samberg

Meet the Harry Potter Cast (Emma, Dan, Rupert)

Meet Brandon Belt He signed my ball and looked at me and smiled and waved, I think it counts

Get everyone on the Giants 2011 team to sign my baseball

Kiss a celebrity

go on a carriage ride through central park

watch the ball drop on new years

visit the Abbey Road crosswalk

see Ringo Starr in concert

see Paul McCartney in concert

Send a paper lantern up into the sky

Help plan a wedding

Go to Las Vegas

Go to Chicago

Go to Texas

Go to New Orleans

Own a colonial style house

Have a pool

Go to college

Have a walk in closet

Go to every US state

Live in NYC

Live in Washington D.C.

Go to an SNL show

Visit Macchu Picchu

Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Take a White House tour

Meet an important government person

Go to London

Go to Prom

Go to Area 51

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